Scottish Studies
Genealogy Research Repository
at the University of Guelph

The Repository will be an important research tool for anyone interested in the history of the Scottish Canadian community, be they academic historians, genealogists, research students, population scientists, journalists, heritage workers, writers, or any Canadian proud of their Scottish ancestry and heritage.


We are seeking funds to support the development of a Research Repository of genealogical and related historical information about Scottish Canadian families. We will invite and encourage members of the public who are engaged in genealogical research, or who may otherwise possess such research, to deposit it in this Repository, where it will be stored, safeguarded, and made available and accessible to other researchers.

The main work on the project will be carried out by Dr. James Fraser, Chair of Scottish Studies and Director of the Guelph Centre for Scottish Studies.


To increase our research commitment to the history of the Scottish Canadian community. We aim to achieve this through the establishment of a Genealogical and Family History Institute, which can promote, support and facilitate academic research on Scottish families, and which is equally committed to supporting and encouraging non-academic researchers concerned with the history of Scottish Canadian families.


We need your support to make this all possible. Donations will go towards ensuring that we create the best, most complete, most accessible, and most user-friendly Repository we can. The website we are seeking to create in 2016 will enable us, along with social media, to publish regular updates on our progress, and to keep the public informed of each new development in the project and how they can help us to keep it moving forward. We will also present annual updates to the genealogical, heritage and community associations most interested in the outcomes of this project.

You can help make this project a reality and available to future generations by donating, either online by clicking on the PayPal button below or by mail using our donation form which you can access here. All donations, large or small, will be graciously received and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support.

Dr. James Fraser
Chair of Scottish Studies and
Director of the Guelph Centre
for Scottish Studies.
University of Guelph