List of Featured Writers

1. Sir Alexander Mackenzie (c. 1764–1820) Fur trader, explorer, and bestselling writer

2. John Galt (1779–1839) Canadian immigration specialist, convict, and novelist

3. Philippe Aubert de Gaspé (1786–1871) Seigneur, convict in his own jail, and novelist

4. Charles Gordon/Ralph Connor (1860–1937) Man of the cloth and bestselling novelist

5. Sara Jeannette Duncan (1861–1922) Journalist, world traveller, and novelist

6. Stephen Leacock (1869–1944) Humorist, teacher, and honorary Scot

7. John McCrae (1872–1918) Army surgeon and poet

8. Nellie McClung (1873–1951) Vivid memoirist and legal person

9. Robert Service (1874–1958) Glasgow cowboy and Yukon Gold Rush poet

10. Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874–1942) Fiction writer and heart of the PEI tourist trade

11. John Buchan/Lord Tweedsmuir (1875–1940) Novelist, jack of all trades, and Governor General

12. Archibald Belaney/Grey Owl (1888–1938) Noble Indigenous leader, conservationist, and fake

13. Harold Innis (1894–1952) The farm boy who changed Canada's universities

14. Donald Creighton (1902–1979) Terrifying teacher and brilliant biographer

15. Charles Ritchie (1906–1995) Diplomat, diarist, and lover

16. Hugh MacLennan (1907–1990) Teacher, scholar, thinker, and writer

17. John Kenneth Galbraith (1908–2006) Dutton farm boy, economist, and author of The Scotch

18. Robertson Davies (1913–1995) Superb novelist, man of letters, and the last Upper Canadian

19. W.O. Mitchell (1914–1998) One-man prairie fire, with sparks from Ayrshire

20. James Houston (1921–2005) Fine author and artist who brought the world Inuit art

21. Farley Mowat (1921–2014) The larger-than-life kilted character who was one of our greatest writers

22. Mavis Gallant (1922–2014) Montreal-born Parisienne and great Canadian fiction writer

23. Donald Jack (1924–2003) Forgotten comic genius, author of the Bandy Papers series

24. George MacDonald Fraser (1925–2008) Scottish newsman who learned his trade in Regina, before creating Flashman

25. Margaret Laurence (1926–1987) Revered tribal leader of Canada's writers

26. Alice Munro (1931–) Beloved author of some of the best short stories the world has ever seen, as her Nobel Prize demonstrates

27. Alistair MacLeod (1936–2014) The magical fiction writer who reminds us that "all of us are better when we're loved"

28. Margaret Atwood (1939–) As a Canadian author, this leading world figure is "not bad at all"

29. Graham Fraser (1946–) A "first-class" Fraser, journalist, author, and authority on Canada's official languages

30. Ken Dryden (1947–) Not bad hockey goalie, and very good writer and statesman

31. Ken McGoogan (1947–) Author of many lively books, about the Arctic, and about the Scots, including How the Scots Invented Canada

32. Roy MacGregor (1948–) Author of many fine books, above all the Screech Owls hockey series for children

33. Val Ross (1950–2008) Journalist, author of a Davies biography, and the brave creator of "Val's Rules"

34. Terry Fallis (1959–) Author of many light books of fiction, starting with the Burns-inspired title The Best Laid Plans

35. Joseph Boyden (1966–) The writer who raises unsettled questions about settlers and their stories

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